Lady Luck Casino: A Casino Where Money Changes Hands

Lady Luck Casino, formerly Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville, is an elegant riverboat casino located in Caruthersville, Missouri. It is operated by Century Casinos and is owned by Vici Properties. It has been a popular casino for visitors in the area and is known for high quality gambling and live music performances. The casino offers several tables and is family friendly with various entertainment activities for all ages.

lady luck casino mo

This casino was named after a lady who supposedly brought good luck to casino players. This particular casino is said to have several herbs placed on the table, which supposedly helped players to receive their bets in a more favorable way. Legend has it that the first lady luck came about after a bet was won and the winning player was not able to pay off his debts. Thus, an herb was planted on the table.

The casino offers different types of gambling events and live music performances. There are also lots of other things for the players to do including eating and drinking at various restaurants in the area. The casino is located on North Main Street in the section of the city. You can get to this casino through the downtown area or by using the nearby I-70 bridge. There are plenty of shopping opportunities as well at Main Street where you will find lots of retailers that offer a variety of goods.

The casino is divided into three main sections namely the main room, The VIP room and the special rooms. The VIP rooms offer more luxury as compared to the other rooms. The main casino is designed in a beautiful New York style and is equipped with state of the art gaming equipment. You will feel like you have your own special corner at the casino. Lady Luck Casino features excellent service and is clean, orderly, clean and friendly atmosphere.

The casino is serviced with high-speed Internet for all your gaming needs. The ATM machine is also present in the casino for easy cash withdrawal. The restaurant at the casino serves delicious food that is prepared daily. It is served to guests who pay in cash.

Lady Luck Casino is open twenty-four hours for you to come and play your favorite casino game. The service charge is not applicable in any of the casinos. All the members including children are covered under the liability coverage. The casino does not accept cheques or credit cards for payment.