Lady Luck Casino Caruthersburg – Smoky Mountain Riverfront Businesses

lady luck casino caruthersville mo

Lady Luck Casino Caruthersburg – Smoky Mountain Riverfront Businesses

Lady Luck Casino, formerly Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville Mo, is an old refurbished riverboat casino on the Grand River in Caruthersville Mo. It’s owned by Vici Properties LLC and is operated by Century Casinos. The location was originally designed to be two stories and it still is but the casino has since expanded to its current height. It’s a wonderful place for families, particularly the kids since there’s a lot of space to play.

The casino is two stories and the rooms are each about ten tables high. There are numerous tables available for you to sit at so there will never be a lack of games for you to try. If you’re looking to get some excitement you can even take a ride on the high speed water! There are five restaurants located in addition to the casino, which serve you food and drinks while you gamble.

There is more than one way to get to the Lady Luck Casino Caruthersburg MO and if you don’t have time driving down I-40 it’s worth taking a ride. You’ll see the area through the eyes of a local as you travel from the airport to your hotel. This part of the Smoky Mountains offers many great outdoor activities including canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling. There’s even a golf course for those who like to play a little bit of golf.

The Lady Luck Casino Caruthersburg-MO offers many other things for those who are looking for a little something to do besides gambling. The area has a small theater known as the Smoky Mountain Citizens Theater that has shows every night. The theater is not open during the regular business hours but instead is available for rent during the afternoons and weekends. For a nominal fee you can take in one of their many plays or musicals. These are quite popular and often full house audiences turn up for these types of shows. During the summer months they are known for their picnics on the Smoky Mountain River.

If you are looking for a place to eat then there are several places to choose from in this area. There are three restaurants in all within walking distance of one another and each offers its own special treat. If you prefer Chinese food then there’s the Oriental restaurant located on the corner of Northbrook Road where you will find Chinese food that is out of this world. However if you are looking for some western food then you can find the Wild Bill’s BBQ just down the street from Oriental.

If you are looking for a nice place to stay then there are numerous accommodations available to choose from. You can find a hotel that offers easy access to the casinos as well as the many shopping and dining options in this area. There are many great hotels in White oak and Greenville that offer top notch customer service and excellent deals. You’ll want to check them out when you are in the area to ensure that they meet your expectations.