The Lady Luck Casino

lady luck casino caruthersville missouri

The Lady Luck Casino

The Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville, MO is a new casino that opened on the shores of Lake Caruthersville. It is located right in downtown Caruthersville, just down the road from the Lake Street Diner and many other businesses. It is even less than a mile from downtown and the new mega-mall that is now being built at the North Carolina border, so it is only a short walk to go to work, shop or just have fun.

Well there was quite a bit of excitement for me when I drove by in my car. You see, this is the newest casino to open in Lake Charles and now it has opened its doors to the public. And we all know that when there is a new business in a town, the prices of everything to come down!

There are many people who love to gamble, but the main attraction here was the high stakes gambling available. There were many high rollers here and they were all out in full force on weekends. Many of them I had seen at other casinos. But once you got in, you did not want to leave.

I like to read the yellow pages and one thing I saw there was “Lady Luck” it was an old home based business and the sign said “Under Construction”. So I knew right then and there that the lady luck was in this casino. I mean, you know it can not be that easy to make that much money in such a short time. But they sure seemed to think so.

I must admit that gambling is not my thing in today’s world. But once you get in the building of the casino, the doors open and it is time to start playing. So I will let you decide if you would like to try your luck here.

I have heard rumors about some unique machines, the wheel looks like a vending machine with a glass slot, but you bet on the spin of the roulette wheel. The pin ball machines, where a little more interesting, and were loud enough to attract the attention of a number of the guests in the casino.

The restaurant was good as well, chicken dance was very good. The food was terrific and the service was very friendly.

In addition, the lady luck is very pretty too and I am sure she has some nice furniture with her at the roulette wheels. This one of the best casinos to play in Lake Charles.