Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville – A Great Place For Quick Money

Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville is an old-time riverboat casino on the North St Louis River near downtown Caruthersville. It was built in 1938 and closed in 1971. It used to be known as “The Queen of Riverboats”. It is now a Class A4 fishing boat marina.

lady luck casino caruthersville

The location of the old Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville was on the north bank of the river just below the old bridge which crosses the Caruthersville city park. The old storefronts are now replaced with a row of condos and shops. The main casino game rooms are still in place along with a few additional slots and roulette machines. You can visit the “old stomping ground” of the original Lady Luck Casino and play the same high quality roulette and slot machine games that they used to offer.

The new location of the Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville is just east of downtown and south of the old shopping center. This is a much more developed area with many apartments, lofts and retail stores dotting the landscape. It also has the old downtown shopping center and a new movie theater. The casino game rooms are all still in place and very similar to their old counterparts. They have the original two-credit slot machines, but also have added a couple of new high quality roulette and slot machine games. Here you will find everything you need for the ultimate Wild West or Las Vegas gambling experience.

There are several different venues where the old and new gamers can get their fill of gaming fun. The Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville offers the same high quality gambling action that it has offered to its former customers for over twenty years. In fact, the roulette and slot machines are still running as they have for the past three decades. There are seven full service casinos to choose from. Each one features many types of gambling special events like daily freerolls and half-weekly specials to keep the players coming back for more.

At the lower levels of roulette and slots there are always free games available to anyone who would like to try their luck at roulette and slots. This is part of the incentive that the owners of the lady luck casino put into place in the first place. It’s a good idea for newcomers to take advantage of these free games whenever they can because it never hurts to try out whatever roulette or slot machine they might be interested in. This is just another reason why the old and new casinos in Caruthersville are so close to each other.

Some of the casino managers at the old casinos were asked by the state of Kentucky to leave the area after the casinos were purchased by Lady Luck Casino Resort. These owners were required to leave because they had failed to pay required taxes. They had neglected to pay the sales tax which is owed to the state on the purchase price of the land and buildings on the property. Hopefully this won’t happen to any other locations in the area because these owners were very respectful of the original casinos and the people that worked there. It is unfortunate that these casinos lost their properties but hopefully the new ones will do better.